My Top Secrets to Cure Chronic Insomnia : Step1

Chronic insomnia is directly related to your mind. Chronic insomnia treatment is the most difficult compare to other insomnia types. And mostly people who looking for methods or techniques to cure insomnia was suffered by chronic insomnia…I am the one who suffer from this illness…nearly to be neuralgia…but now I can manage my Read more

My Top Secrets to Cure Chronic Insomnia : Step2

Welcome to my insomnia treatment step 2…this step is about preparing yourself before go to bed. Let’s start now! Firstly, have dinner all the things you would like to eat…don’t restrict food too much (except you’re too fat and have to control your meals). With my method, you will notice that I don’t restrict Read more

My Top Secrets to Cure Chronic Insomnia : Step3 (The Last Step)

Ok. This is the last step of my top secret chronic insomnia treatment. Please try and pay a lot of attention to this. You can throw those sleeping pills to garbage – no need to use it. This is 100% natural way to cure insomnia.     From step1 and step2 , you have adjusted […] Read more

Insomnia Causes : Knowing Your Cause For Effectiveness Treatment

I will focus on the mostly causes that make we all suffer from insomnia. The physical cause like pregnancy – I won’t write about because this is naturally and it’s just short term insomnia. The causes that I will talk about are all related to our mind.   Firstly, insomniacs like you and me are […] Read more

The Best Insomnia Cure Technique Which Can Treat All Insomnia Types

Firstly, I am the one who is suffered by insomnia for a long time, more than a half of my life. Once I getting older I know the life better, yeah I understand this such disease – insomnia better also.   Everytime when we (all insomniacs) go to bed , I think all of us […] Read more

Meditation For Sleep Well , Deep Sleep and Fall As Sleep Fast

There are a lot of good meditation techniques for you to do for sleep well, deep sleep and fall as sleep fast. Explain in text may make you misunderstand. So here I searched and watched videos on youtube and selected all videos that I rate they’re top best meditation techniques for sleeping. Breathing Exercises For […] Read more

Breathing And Relaxation (Meditation) Techniques To Sleep Better

This is the most effectiveness natural remedy for insomnia. There are many breathing and relaxation techniques you could learn how to use to encourage relaxation and alleviate anxiety. The deeper and slower that you breathe the more comfortable and sedated you’ll become. Sleeping with the window open will help the air to circulate in your Read more

One Year Relationship With Insomnia – My Experience

Too much stress. In my life is simply too much stress. I live in a student hostel. Half day I am at school, the other half I work, in the evening I eat something as fast as I can, schedule the next day and try to fall asleep. I can’t, my neighbors are too well-rested […] Read more

When Counting Sheep Fail, Count Lunesta

Did you try everything just to fall asleep, but nothing worked? Are you sick and tired of natural methods? Are you decided to take some sleeping pills? Then try Lunesta.     General facts This pill – Lunesta had an adventurous “life”. Eszopiclone, by its scientific name, is not marketed in European Union since 2009. The Read more

Xanax As Sleeping Pills

For the beginning, let’s find what Xanax is. Its pharmacological name is alprazolam, belongs to the benzodiazepines class and the main use is treating the anxiety. How does it work? It decreases the abnormal brain activity, so the body calm down. In other words, it has depressant qualities, like dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness and Read more

Types of Insomnia That You May Have

Before tell you about types of insomnia, I have a question. Are you sure that are you suffering from this? Let’s see. Do you have difficulty on falling asleep OR staying asleep? In other words, does it last long time until you fall asleep? And, once you fall asleep, do you wake up during the […] Read more

Natural Ways to Cure Insomnia

Are you sick and tired watching how other people sleep while you can’t? Do you really want to do something to cure this? In the same time, are you afraid by the medication’s effects? I have good news for you: there are a lot of natural and cheap ways that you can try. There are […] Read more

What happens if you don’t treat insomnia?

Maybe insomnia doesn’t disturb you so much. Even more, you may think that insomnia helps you being more efficient. If you don’t sleep, you have more time for working. Yes, you’re right, you do have more time, but nothing else. Like everything in this world, the brain needs a pause. You give him pause, but […] Read more
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